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August 30, 2017 Professional Learning Zone 419 Views

Our district offers a lot of high-quality PD throughout the year. In-fact, last school year we offered over 3,000 various courses! So how do you find the Professional Development that is best suited for you? Fortunately, narrowing down your search in the PLZ  is a simple process. Let's focus on just one easy way to refine your search. 

Perhaps you are looking to attend Professional Development for 3rd grade ELA teachers. To get started you will need to click on the "Courses" tab located in the Main Navigation of the PLZ. Once the Courses Page loads, you will see the "Course Search" section. The next step is to click on the "Show All" link located below the search box.

Here is where the fun begins! On the left-hand side of the screen, you are presented with a way to dynamically search for courses based on several tags called the "Refine By" menu. Every time an instructor proposes a course they are required to tag their course in a way that best matches their audience. Here is where those tags can be filtered.

Since we are looking for the English-Language Arts PD click on the checkbox next to the "English-Language Arts " option under the "Subjects" section. Immediately the virtual course catalog, on the right, refines the search results for all courses tagged as "English-Language Arts."

Now let's scroll down the "Refine By" menu until you see the "Grade Band" section. Again, click on the checkbox next to the "3-5" option. The virtual catalog will now refine its search to include grades 3-5. 

There are a few more sections including Instructional Practices, Type of Learning, and Type of Learner to help you further refine your search.

As stated previously this is just one way to refine the search for the type of PD that you may be looking for. We will explore other ways later in the year. We have developed a flyer that you can print out and share to let others know of this simple feature. Feel free to download here.


If you have any questions using the PLZ feel free to check out the Kbase at  or


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