DLD February 2015

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Content Area Presentation Title
CLIP Presentation Superintendent's Address PowerPoint Presentation
Pre-K Teachers Session 2 - Class 103
Pre-K Teachers Session 3 - Using Data to Plan Instruction
Pre-K Teachers Session 4 - Small Group Instruction
K-1 Teachers Session 2 - Whole Group Instruction
K-1 Teachers Session 3 - Small Group Instruction
K-1 Teachers Session 4 - Writing
Grades 2-5 Session 2 - Small Group, Differentiated Instruction in Reading
Grades 2-5 Session 3- Whole Group Writing
Grades 2-5 Session 4 - Writing
Middle School ELA Session 2 - A Deep Dive into the Middle School Instructional Design
Middle School ELA Session 3 - Teacher - Led Small Group Instruction
Middle School ELA Session 4 - Literacy Stations
Secondary ELA Session 2 - Whole Group
Secondary ELA Session 3 - Small Group, Differentiated Instruction in High School English<
Secondary ELA Session 4 - English I-IV : Writing
K-12 Math Session 2: Content Engagement in the Mathematics Classroom
K-12 Math Session 3 - Are You Asking the Right Question
K-12 Math Session 4 - Reading and Writing in Mathematics Classroom
3-5 Science Session 2 - Science and the Common Core in ELA
3-5 Science Session 3 - Integrating Literacy Strategies in A Science Classroom
3-5 Science Session 4 - Exploring Forces of Motion Through Fiction and Nonfiction Text
Secondary Science Session 2- How To Teach Writing in A Non-ELA Setting
Secondary Science Session 3 - CER Claims, Evidence and Reasoning
Secondary Science Session 4 - Scientific Literacy
3-5 Social Studies Session 2 -Using Literacy Skills to Engage Students in Social Studies
3-5 Social Studies Session 3 - Literacy in the Content Areas: Instructional Strategies
3-5 Social Studies Session 4 - Introducing Students to DBQ
Secondary Social Studies Session 2 - Increasing Reading Comprehension
Secondary Social Studies Session 3 - Using Images To Enhance Literacy Instruction
Secondary Social Studies Session 4 - Active Reading Delving Into Text
K-8 School Counselors Session 2: The Role of the School Counselor in Common Core/College and Career Readiness, K-8
K-8 School Counselors Session 3a: School Wide Academic Growth Gains Empowering Results (S.W.A.G.G.E.R. Counselor Style), K-5
K-8 School Counselors Session 3b - Closing the Gap with Progress Monitoring, 6-8
K-8 School Counselors Session 4 - Closing the Gap with Progress Monitoring and Counselor Accountability
High School Counselors Session 2 - Senior Tracking, FAFSA and Bridging the Gap
High School Counselors Session 3 - Love and Logic with PBIS and Progressive Discipline
High School Counselors Session 4 - Scholarship Reporting
ORFF Music Session 2- Incorporating Accountable Talk Into the Orff Music Classroom
ORFF Music Session 3 -Literacy in the Orff Music Classroom
ORFF Music Session 4 - Showing Growth
Theatre/Visual/ Music/ Dance Session 2 - Artistic Proficiency Through Literacy Strategies
Theatre/Visual/ Music/ Dance Session 3 - Setting Objectives and Measuring Growth
Theatre/Visual/ Music/ Dance Session 4 -TN Fine Arts Overview
Librarians Session 2 - Bursting with Flavor Appetizing Library Activities and Events
Librarians Session 3 - Using Discovery Education to Improve Literacy
Librarians Session 4 - Read Across the Standards with Read Across America
World Languages Session 2 - Literacy Strategies in the WL Class
World Languages Session 3 - Portfolio Post-Assessment Development
World Languages Session 4 - GLADiS Walkthrough
ESL Session 2 - Language Acquisition and Literacy in the Content Area
ESL Session 3 - Whole Group Instruction
ESL Session 4 - Small Group Instruction
SPED Session 2 - Best Practices: Disciplining Children With Disabilities
SPED Session 3 - Measurable Annual Goals
SPED Session 4 - Graduation Requirements
HPELW Session 2 - Differentiated, Cross Curricular and Literacy Instruction in the PE Class
HPELW Session 3 - HPELW Portfolio Literacy and Inter-Rater Reliability
HPELW Session 4 - Whole Group Instruction
CTE Session 2 - Quality Program Design
CTE Session 3 - The Great Design
CTE Session 4 - CLIP in the CTE Classroom
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