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How do I charge the Swivl?

To charge your Swivl, plug the charging cable into the bottom of the base that is black in color and place the marker in the charging dock. (Caution, many people mistakenly plug the charging cable into the audio port.) When the Swivl is plugged in, you should see an illuminated LED light.

  • Flashing Green – Base charging
  • Flashing Red – Marker
  • Solid Green – All charged
  • Flashing Red and Green – Both marker and base charging


When your mobile device is connected to the Swivl robot and powered on, the battery life of the base and the marker can be checked in the Swivl Capture App Settings. Each hour of charge equates to one hour of battery life and while the robot will run for about 3-5 hours on battery, it can also be utilized while plugged in. In addition, the USB port in the back of the base can also be used to charge your mobile device.


It is important to note that when the marker runs low on battery, the marker will save power by recording audio from your mobile device.

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