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How can I find courses using the calendar view?

1. Click on the Calendar icon on the upper right side of the screen. Once there you can see courses for a particular date clicking on the day, or you can view a broader range of courses by clicking on the Full Calendar link under the calendar.

2. Once you click on the full Calendar you have several options to filter content.
                1. Click on the << or >> arrows at the top to filter through the months.
                 2. Select another month and/or year by click on  the drop-down fields in the center
                 3. Click on the day and the Course you are interested in to view the details.
                 4.  You can filter custom calendars by clicking on check boxes above the calendar.

3. By hovering over the course you will get a popup giving you more details about the course.

4. You can switch from the calendar view to a list view by clicking the List Format link on the upper right side of the screen.

6. To see more details of the course while in list view click on the "+" button to expand the details.

7. Regardless of the method you choose ( calendar or list) simply click on the title to be brought to the page giving you complete details of the course with the opportunity to register.


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