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What qualifies as acceptable activities for PDPs?

According to the TN DOE Website:

To earn PDPs, an activity must be related to improving educator effectiveness by:

  1. developing content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, or pedagogical content knowledge; or
  2. enhancing educator effectiveness (e.g., world language courses for those working with students for whom English is a second language, or coursework that supports understanding and use of data).

The following table provides information about how PDPs may be earned and identifies acceptable PDP options, number of PDPs awarded, and required documentation.

Option PDPs Awarded Required Documentation
Professional Learning 1 clock hour = 1 PDP Certificate, transcript, or verification
signed by the director of schools (or designee)
Professional Learning 1 micro-credential earned through a state-approved provider = 5 PDPs Digital certificate provided by state-
approved micro-credentials provider
Continuing Education 1 continuing education unit (CEU) =
5 PDPs
Certificate or transcript
1 semester hour credit = 10 PDPs Transcript
Overall level of effectiveness rating (approved TN model) Overall Score of 5 = 20 PDPs 
Overall Score of 4 = 15 PDPs Overall Score of 3 = 10 PDPs
Information is maintained by the department. No additional documentation is required; points may be accrued annually.
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS)
Initial Certification = 30 PDPs Renewal Certification = 15 PDPs Official documentation from NBPTS    
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