Mental Push-ups for Teachers

October 17, 2017 by Math Blog 140 Views

What Are You Willing To Do?

Let's be honest, right now, this "new math" is hard, hard, hard! It requires more time, effort and work. We are learning the "math" just as our students are. Even though it is difficult, there is one thing that is required to achieve the results that we want...WILLINGNESS!


As I think about my time as a classroom teacher, our team was privileged to have some amazing results even though we had extremely low projections...I mean really low. However, despite the low expectations, we were able to move students beyond that to a high level of proficiency. How did we do this? How were we able to produce such high results? Math content was important, but more importantly, it was WILLINGNESS to do what was required to meet our goals, beyond what the data said. I often do a weekly vlog about various things I've learned on my journey of growth, and thought that this video was fitting for what it will take for us to produce the results we want this year and guess what champ we can and we WILL, because we have the best teachers in the city of Memphis! Check out the video below:




To recap:

Willingness is an important trait for achieving our goals. Willingness is simply the desire and readiness to "do."Willingness in my world embodies three things:

  • Intentional Actions
  • Permission to choose discomfort over comfort
  • Willingness to get back up, if and when I fail. It doesn't have to be perfect!

Just be willing to try a different approach and reach beyond comfort. The gold lies within discomfort!

What are you willing to do to achieve the results that we are striving for?

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