Course Requester Expectations


Course Requester definition - This is an office-level role responsible for creating courses and corresponding sections. A submission by a Course Requester is sent to the Course Reviewer / Approver.

  1. All district-level PD must be entered into the PLZ by each department.  Every department will have a course requestor and an approver in the PLZ. 
  2. All course requestors and approvers will be required to complete an annual training on the PLZ. Course This training will include performance tasks which will be scored.  Participants will be able to retake the tasks if needed and all resources are available in PLZ under the resources tab to support course requestors and approvers.
  3. Course entry should include what participants will know, understand and be able to do as a result of attending the professional development session.
  4. See step-sheets 
  5. Course Requestors who want to reserve space at the TLA for sessions should use the "Manage Room Request" feature at the time of course entry.  Course requests completed via email, phone, or other methods may not be accepted.
  6. Courses should be submitted no less than 2 weeks prior, as course approval must be routed through several layers.
  7. Attendance should be approved within 5 days of the training conclusion.