PD Credits

For full information to the entire document from the TNDOE regarding professional development points, please visit https://tn.gov/assets/entities/sbe/attachments/5.502_Educator_Licensure_Policy_1.27.17.pdf#page=14  .  

Educators must earn a total of thirty (30) professional development points (PDPs) to advance or a total of sixty (60) PDPs to renew a teacher license including professional, professional occupational, and professional school services personnel licenses. PDPs must be approved in the state licensure system. Individuals employed by a local education agency (LEA) must have the LEA approve the accrued PDPs for advancement or renewal. At the time of advancement or renewal, if the educator is NOT employed in a Tennessee public school, appropriate documentation for all activities for which PDPs are requested must be provided to the office of educator licensing and preparation. If a non-employee, including retirees, contacts you regarding licensure renewal, please direct them to The State of Tennessee Office of Licensure https://www.tn.gov/education/topic/licensing-faq . 

Reasons for PDP denial include, but are not limited to: activity not related to improving educator effectiveness; activity conducted outside the validity period of the license (effective dates); activity lacks adequate documentation; or duplicate activity. At the time of advancement or renewal, if the educator is employed in a Tennessee public school, the local education agency (LEA) must retain documentation for each completed activity for which the educator is awarded PDPs. 

Activities used for PDPs must be completed within the validity period of the license being advanced or renewed and must be related to improving educator effectiveness by: 

  1. Developing content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, or pedagogical content knowledge; or 
  2. Enhancing educator effectiveness (e.g., world language courses for those working with students for whom English is a second language, coursework that supports understanding and use of data). 

Activities not related to improving educator effectiveness do not qualify for PDPs. This includes training activities such as sessions on blood borne pathogens and suicide prevention. While these training opportunities are highly valuable and often mandated, they do not explicitly focus on educator effectiveness. The table on the following page provides information 

Acceptable PDP options, number of PDPs awarded, and required documentation: 


PDPs Awarded  

Required Documentation 

Professional Learning 

1 clock hour = 1 PDP 
Approved Micro-credentials = 5 PDPs

Certificate, transcript, or verification signed by the Director of Schools (or designee)

Continuing Education 

1 continuing education unit (CEU) = 5 PDPs

Certificate or transcript

 College/University Coursework 

1 semester hour credit = 10 PDPs 


Overall level of effectiveness rating (approved TN model) 

Overall Score of 5 = 20 PDPs
Overall Score of 4 = 15 PDPs
Overall Score of 3 = 10 PDPs

Information is maintained by the department. No additional documentation is required

National Board Certification 

Initial Certification = 30 PDPs
Renewal Certification = 15 PDPs

Official documentation from NBPTS 

          TASL Credit is managed through the Office of Schools.  416-3774