Teacher Expectations

Teacher Expectations


  • All teachers are expected to register for any School and/or District-level PD through the PLZ.
  • Teachers who arrive at PD sessions who have not registered are subject to being asked to leave the session.
    • Session space is Teacher Expectations often determined by the number of participants, not the number of seats available.  Even when seats are available, participants may be asked to leave and register to attend another session.
    • Many PD sessions are designed and reserved for a specific grade-level or subject area.  Please refer to the course description to determine in the PD applies to your content area or grade-band.  It is at the discretion of the instructor to determine if the course is applicable for registered participants. Teachers may be asked to withdraw or be manually removed from the course.
  • Participants are expected to attend the entire duration of the training to receive credit.  Partial credit may not be awarded for partial attendance. 
  • Teachers will not receive credit for a course on their transcript until attendance is approved by the course instructor and the online survey is completed by the teacher in the PLZ.