TLA Reservation and Use

Reserving Space at the TLA 

  1. When entering a course in the PLZ, the instructor should request a room through the "manage room request" feature in the PLZ.  Do not call to reserve your room or fill out additional forms.
  2. If you need to use space at the TLA, but there is no course in the PLZ, you may complete the online form found at 


Utilizing the TLA 

  1. When reserving a room, we expect facilitators to supply their own materials (for example, chart paper, markers, all copies, etc.).  Unfortunately, we cannot provide training materials or make copies of materials.
  2. Upon completion of room use, please return the room set-up to its original format.  Turn off all lights and technology.
  3. Providing meals for participants is allowed.  Please communicate directly with the food provider to share the name of your session, room number, and a contact person.  Please direct the food provider to either enter through the front door or downstairs back door (for multipurpose room, L11, and auditorium).
  4. It is expected that the department providing the food for participants clean up after the meal.  This includes disposing of all food and trash.  Failure to do so will result in the department no longer being able to provide meals during sessions at the TLA.
  5. Parking is only allowed In parking spaces.  Please do not park in reserved spaces.  Please do not park in handicap spaces without the proper approval.  
  6. Parking the front of the building in the fire lane is not permitted.  Doing so may result in towing.
  7. The front door remains locked.  Please utilize buzzer to enter the building.
  8. The Teacher Resource Room is only available for die-cuts from the hours of 8:00am-6:00 pm.  Please approach the front desk for access to the room.