PD Opportunities for Charter Schools and Private School Title I Tutors

The Shelby County Schools professional development opportunities listed on this page are open for charter school and Private School Title I Tutors participation.


  1. Review the professional development course offerings for charter schools listed below.

  2. Select the red course number to reserve your space in the professional development session. You will indicate your interest by selecting "register" and then completing the form.

  3. Seating availability is subject to change.  Confirmation will be sent 24 in advance of the PD.  Prior to attending the PD, please check back on the course listings page to confirm the PD is still active. If not listed, the PD has been canceled.

  4. The course instructor will distribute a certificate of attendance upon full completion of the course.


Course # Course Title Department
14308Model Lesson for ESL in Expeditionary Learning*Curriculum & Instruction
14536Social Studies Curriculum Based Instructional Strategies*Curriculum & Instruction
14604Gaining and Keep Students Attention 2.0*Professional Development & Support
14605Classroom Management: A Palette of Strategies*Curriculum & Instruction
14607New Orff Teacher Support Series*Curriculum & Instruction
14620Social Studies Instructional Fellows Capacity Building*Curriculum & Instruction
14630Fine Arts Portfolio Boot Camp for Portfolio Development Support*Curriculum & Instruction
14642Zone 4 Monthly Professional Learning*Professional Development & Support
14644Zone 3 Monthly Professional Learning*Professional Development & Support
14647Zone 9 Monthly Professonal Learning*Professional Development & Support
14648Zone 16 Monthly Professional Learning*Professional Development & Support
14653Overview of RTI2 for Elementary School Admin and RTI2 Leads*Curriculum & Instruction
14654Overview of RTI2 for School Admin and RTI2 Leads*Curriculum & Instruction
14655Overview of RTI2 for High School Admin and RTI2 Leads*Curriculum & Instruction
146776-8 Social Studies Quarterly Curriculum Feedback*Curriculum & Instruction
14689STEM Teacher Leader Fellows Program Cohort*Curriculum & Instruction
14692Setting the Foundation for RTI2 Intervention- Belle Forest Elementary Staff ONLY*Curriculum & Instruction
14693Research-based Strategies for RTI2 Intervention-Magnolia Elementary School Staff Only*Curriculum & Instruction
14695Memphis Chapter American Orff Schulwerk Saturday Workshop Series*Curriculum & Instruction
14699Visual Art PLC: Classroom Management*Curriculum & Instruction
14701RTI2 Overview Zone 11 Principals ONLY*Curriculum & Instruction
14702Foundational Literacy within Intervention: Session 1 of 3*Curriculum & Instruction
14703Foundational Literacy within Intervention: Session 2 of 3*Curriculum & Instruction
14705Foundational Literacy within Intervention: Session 3 of 3*Curriculum & Instruction
14712Social Studies-Elementary: Studies Weekly and DLD Redelivery*Curriculum & Instruction
14713High School Science Collaborative*Curriculum & Instruction
14750Zone 2 Introduction to EL K-5th Grade*Professional Development & Support
14752RTI2 Overview- Gardenview ES Staff Only*Curriculum & Instruction
14759Middle School Science ILT Training*Curriculum & Instruction
14760High School Science ILT Training*Curriculum & Instruction
14771Geometry Collaborative*Curriculum & Instruction
14773Algebra 2 Collaborative*Curriculum & Instruction
14786Evaluating Student Writing with the Social Studies Writing Rubric*Curriculum & Instruction
14787DLD Bilingual Cultural mentors*Curriculum & Instruction
14793RTI2 Overview Zone 16 Principals ONLY*Curriculum & Instruction
14794RTI2 Overview- Macon Hall ES Staff Only*Curriculum & Instruction
14795RTI2 Overview- Grahamwood ES Data Team Members Only*Curriculum & Instruction
14851Using the Casio Calculator in the Classroom*Curriculum & Instruction
14856RTI2 Data Team Meetings: Whose job is it anyway?*Curriculum & Instruction
14875Family Life Training*Curriculum & Instruction
14887ChoirFest 2017*Curriculum & Instruction
14891Portfolio PLC for New World Language Teachers*Curriculum & Instruction
14893Middle School Science Collaborative Planning Session*Professional Development & Support
14908Visual Art PLC: Arts Advocacy*Curriculum & Instruction
14918RTI2 Overview- Levi ES Staff Only*Curriculum & Instruction
14919RTI2 Overview- Alcy ES Staff Only*Curriculum & Instruction
14920RTI2 Overview Zone 4 Principals ONLY*Curriculum & Instruction
14921RTI2 Overview Zone 12 Principals ONLY*Curriculum & Instruction
14927Using Daily Learning Targets to Increase Proficiency in the World Language Classroom*Curriculum & Instruction
14945New Teacher Mix and Mingle*Professional Development & Support
14950Using Props & Visuals to Enhance the Health Classroom*Curriculum & Instruction
14958RTI2 Overview- Hamilton ES Staff Only*Curriculum & Instruction
14975Dixon Visual Art Portfolio Workshop Series*Curriculum & Instruction
14980Elementary Science Collaboration*Curriculum & Instruction
14984Research-based Strategies for RTI2 Intervention*Curriculum & Instruction
14990High School Quarter 2 Curriculum Map Feedback Session (US History, Econ, Gov't, World History)*Curriculum & Instruction
14996RTI2 Data Team Meetings: Whose job is it anyway?*Curriculum & Instruction
14997RTI2 Overview- South Park Staff Only*Curriculum & Instruction
15009Middle School Science Collaborative*Curriculum & Instruction
15010High School Science Collaborative*Curriculum & Instruction
15030Orpheum Theatre-Kennedy Center Partnership Arts Integration Training: Moving Through Science*Curriculum & Instruction
15058WTGMEA Festival Chorus 2018*Curriculum & Instruction
15085RTI Overview: Winchester Elementary Staff Only*Curriculum & Instruction
15086Eureka Math - Introduction to the Digital Suite*Curriculum & Instruction
15104HPELW Portfolio-Educopia Platform*Curriculum & Instruction
15109EdPlan RTI2 Explorer Support (Open Lab)*Curriculum & Instruction
15121Intervention Strategies Training-Gardenview ES Staff Only*Curriculum & Instruction
15122Intervention Strategies Training- Oakhaven ES Staff Only*Curriculum & Instruction
15128High School Science Collaborative*Curriculum & Instruction
15159Foundational Skills for RTI2 Intervention- Crump ES Staff Only*Curriculum & Instruction
15161Science Share-a-thon*Curriculum & Instruction
15197RTI2 Intervention Strategies- Lucy ES Staff Only*Curriculum & Instruction
15198PLC for AP Visual Art Teachers*Curriculum & Instruction
15211Ed Plan RTI2 Explorer Support-Kirby HS Staff Only*Curriculum & Instruction
15212EL for K-2 ESL teachers*Curriculum & Instruction
15213EdPlan RTI2 Explorer Support-Raleigh Egypt HS Only*Curriculum & Instruction
15228High School Mapping - Zone 1 Principals Only*Curriculum & Instruction
15229High School Mapping - Zone 13C Principals Only*Curriculum & Instruction
15230High School Mapping - Zone 6 Principals Only*Curriculum & Instruction
15237RTI2 Lead Quarterly Meeting*Curriculum & Instruction
15242Ed Plan RTI2 Explorer Support-Southwind HS Staff Only*Curriculum & Instruction
15252RTI2 Lead Quarterly Meeting*Curriculum & Instruction
15263Elementary School Science Collaboration*Curriculum & Instruction
15264RTI2: High School Mapping*Curriculum & Instruction
15265*Invitation Only* Grades 9-12 ELA Curriculum Debrief*Curriculum & Instruction
15266EasyCBM Support*Curriculum & Instruction
15268Visual Literacy: Moving from Image to Inference*Curriculum & Instruction
15269Making It Stick: Memory and Comprehension Through Cut Paper*Curriculum & Instruction
15271High School Science Collaborative*Curriculum & Instruction
15274Social Studies Teacher Collaboratives*Curriculum & Instruction
15276RTI2: Developing Plans in EdPlan RTI Explorer*Curriculum & Instruction
15277RTI2: Identifying Instructional Levels*Curriculum & Instruction
15285January 4, 2018 DLD: ESL Teachers Grades 6-8*Curriculum & Instruction
15302RTI2: Administering Survey Level Assessments*Curriculum & Instruction
15305ESL Middle School Planning for 2nd Semester*Curriculum & Instruction
15309High School Science Focus Groups*Curriculum & Instruction
15314Weeding Your Libraryits not an optionits a Necessity!*Curriculum & Instruction
15316Inventory in Atriuum*Curriculum & Instruction
15333January 4, 2018 DLD: Library Information Specialists K -12*Curriculum & Instruction
15377January 4, 2018 DLD: Visual Art*Curriculum & Instruction
15378January 4, 2018 DLD: Social Studies Grades 6-12*Curriculum & Instruction
15380January 4, 2018 DLD: World Languages*Curriculum & Instruction
15382January 4, 2018 DLD: HPELW*Curriculum & Instruction
15383January 4, 2018 DLD: ORFF Music*Curriculum & Instruction
15385January 4, 2018 DLD: Performing Arts (Band, Choir, Orchestra, Dance, Theatre, Piano)*Curriculum & Instruction
15388Developing Plans in EdPlan RTI Explorer-Kate Bond MS Staff Only*Curriculum & Instruction
15389Developing Plans in EdPlan RTI Explorer-Cummings School Staff Only*Curriculum & Instruction
15390Developing Plans in EdPlan RTI Explorer-Melrose HS Staff Only*Curriculum & Instruction
15406Grade 4 Eureka Module Study: Module 5*Professional Development & Support
15413Grade 1 Eureka Module Study: Module 4*Professional Development & Support
15414Grade K Eureka Module Study: Module 4*Professional Development & Support
15415Grade 3 Eureka Module Study: Module 5*Professional Development & Support
15482RTI2: Foundational Skills during Intervention Block for Chimneyrock ES Only*Curriculum & Instruction
15483RTI2: Foundational Skills during Intervention Block for Scenic Hills ES Only*Curriculum & Instruction
15485Developing Plans in EdPlan RTI Explorer-Cordova HS Staff Only*Curriculum & Instruction
15487Writing in Math Series- Part 1*Professional Development & Support
15489Elementary Science Collaboration*Curriculum & Instruction
15495High school ELA 9-12*Professional Development & Support
15504WIDA Training and Refresher*Curriculum & Instruction
15530MOPI 2 Day Training for French and Spanish Teachers-*Curriculum & Instruction
15536RTI2: Developing Plans in EdPlan RTI Explorer*Curriculum & Instruction
15558Zone 7 Collaborative Planning Session*Professional Development & Support
15562Expeditionary Learning in the School Library Media Center*Curriculum & Instruction
15563Integrating Library Curriculum with Core Curriculum Grades 3-8*Curriculum & Instruction
15564Recipe for Successful Gran Submission for the Laura Bush Foundation Grant and More*Curriculum & Instruction
15565High School Science Collaborative Planning Session*Curriculum & Instruction
Course # Course Title Department