What is Mediasite?

  • A capture and distribution system that lets instructors create lectures and presentation videos (live/on-demand)
  • A distribution system that allows viewers the ability to watch this content on their computers or mobile devices
  • A video presentation system that provides instructors full analytics at the individual viewer level
  • A student centered video player that lets the student focus on what is most important to them

An Overview of Mediasite

Mediasite offers a comprehensive solution for your online educational video needs. With Mediasite, you can "capture, deliver, transform and manage" all of your video content. This video, produced by the company that makes Mediasite, provides a high-level overview of what the Mediasite rich media platform. 

What can you do with Mediasite?


  • Record lectures
  • SCS Staff can create and upload their own videos
  • Manage videos in a secure, searchable environment
  • Participants can watch videos on their computers or mobile devices

Getting started with Mediasite

A wealth of "How To" documents ( Under Development), as well as detailed tutorial videos (Under Development), have been developed to help faculty and staff at K-State get started using Mediasite. 

Mediasite is available in the VLP

Mediasite brings easy-to-use instructional capture and video publishing to SCS. From any course, instructors can use MyMediasite to capture or upload video lectures, screencasts, and tutorials. Instructors can automatically publish to designated courses or embed video content anywhere within the VLP or PLZ. To access your MyMediasite portal within the VLP, click the "Mediasite" link under "Resources" navigation menu.

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