The Shelby County Schools professional development opportunities listed on this page are open for charter school and Private School Title I Tutors participation.


  1. Review the professional development course offerings for charter schools listed below.

  2. Select the red course number to reserve your space in the professional development session. You will indicate your interest by selecting "register" and then completing the form.

  3. Seating availability is subject to change.  Confirmation will be sent 24 in advance of the PD.  Prior to attending the PD, please check back on the course listings page to confirm the PD is still active. If not listed, the PD has been canceled.

  4. The course instructor will distribute a certificate of attendance upon full completion of the course.


Course Course Title Department View Sections
15853RTI2: Effective Intervention Strategies-Math *Curriculum & Instruction
15854RTI2: Data Team Meetings: Whose Job is it Anyway *Curriculum & Instruction
15855RTI2: Monitoring Student Progress *Curriculum & Instruction
15856RTI2: Effective Intervention Strategies-ELA *Curriculum & Instruction
15857RTI2 Overview *Curriculum & Instruction
15858RTI2: Aiming for the Targeted Skill *Curriculum & Instruction
15859RTI2: Navigating through EdPlan *Curriculum & Instruction
15860RTI2: Navigating EasyCBM *Curriculum & Instruction
15873Studies Weekly: Getting the Most Out of the Studies Weekly *Curriculum & Instruction
15875HS English Curriculum Content Overview9-12 ELA *Professional Development & Support
15876HS English: Planning Vs. Preparing 9-12 ELA *Professional Development & Support
15877HS English: Unpacking the Standards and Shifts: 912 ELA *Professional Development & Support
15878HS English: How to Differentiate Without Compromising Rigor: 9-12 ELA *Professional Development & Support
15879HS English: Assessment and Student Work Analysis 9-12 ELA *Professional Development & Support
15881Interactive Read Aloud (A Closer Look) *Professional Development & Support
15882EL Module 1 Overview (K-5) *Professional Development & Support
15885Grammar in the Curriculum *Professional Development & Support
15886Introduction to EL (Grades K-5) *Professional Development & Support
15887EL Module 1; Units 1 - 3 (Grades K-5) *Professional Development & Support
15891Non-Eureka Math Backwards Planning *Professional Development & Support
15892Backwards Planning for 6-8 Eureka Math *Professional Development & Support
15894Introduction to the K-5 Math Curriculum and Resources *Professional Development & Support
15895Numbers Base Ten: The Progression *Professional Development & Support
15897Preparation and Customization for Administrators *Professional Development & Support
15898Looking at Student Work: Planning and Roll-Out (K-5 Administrators) *Professional Development & Support
15899Looking at Student Work: Using the LASW Protocol (K-5 Teachers) *Professional Development & Support
15902HS Fostering Character in the Collaborative Classroom 9-12 *Professional Development & Support
15905Introduction to the K-5 Math Curriculum and Resources for Administrators *Professional Development & Support
15910Intro to EL *Professional Development & Support
15912Fostering Character 6-8 *Professional Development & Support
15914Unit Overview *Professional Development & Support
15917EL Reboot *Professional Development & Support
15921Understanding the Tennessee Science Academic Standards: Introduction to Standards, Science & Engineering Practices, Crosscutting *Curriculum & Instruction
15924Curriculum Deep Dive- A Look at the Curriculum for Q1 *Curriculum & Instruction
15926Effectively Planning Phenomena-Based Instruction w/ Standards, Science & Engineering Practices, & Crosscutting Concepts in Mind *Curriculum & Instruction
15930Curriculum Deep Dive- A look at the curriculum for Q1 (6th - 8th grade only) *Curriculum & Instruction
15941Algebra II Unit Study: What You Need the First 6 Weeks *Professional Development & Support
15955Standards Progression and Instruction K-5 *Professional Development & Support
Course # Course Title Department View Sections

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